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Apparel Accessories,Boxing Gloves

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T3 Lace Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves

Apparel Accessories,Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves

  • GIVE YOUR HANDS THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE: Our custom foam layering design was support and last. Each layer of foam has a purpose when it comes to cushioning impact force. The optimal inner core for this glove was developed in collaboration with top universities.
  • PROPER, POWERFUL PUNCHES: Our exclusive T3 design supports and performs. Its splinted foam structure provides additional support for your wrists to promote proper hand alignment while you train.
  • ULTIMATE WRIST SUPPORT: The lace up closure matched with our T3 splinted foam offers incredible wrist support. Additionally, the offset lace and underlying cover ensure your skin isn't pinched while you?re being laced-up or training.
  • STAY FOCUSED: Designed improve every boxer's experience while they train, the wipe-away sweat thumb is a soft material covering the thumb area of every glove so you can clear your face of sweat. Our gloves are the only product on the market with this unique feature.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Interior: use a water-dampened washcloth to wipe away oils and dirt, which can accumulate during use. Open fully to dry. The surface can be washed using a water-dampened washcloth.

T3 Lace Boxing Gloves T3 Lace Boxing Gloves T3 Lace Boxing Gloves T3 Lace Boxing Gloves T3 Lace Boxing Gloves T3 Lace Boxing Gloves

Apparel Accessories,Boxing Gloves   ProTex3 Hook & Loop Training Gloves 14oz, Black

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