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Superior Engine System Outboard Motor 4-strok Inflatable Fishing Boat Outboard Motors

Outboard Motors

  • Engine has been certified by CE . Outboard engine with reverse gear
  • Suitable in freshwater or saltwater . Perfect math inflatable kayaks,fishing boats,sailboats and canoes.
  • Durable----Compact structure,lightweight and easy to carry,anti-corrosive construction,forward and neutral design.
  • Fuel efficient----Latest fuel saving technology and advanced combustion chamber with four stroke outboard engines,gasoline burn completely,can make every drop of gasoline into power.The 4 stroke saves 30% fuel than 2 stroke.
  • Environmental protection----Clean and pure gasoline fuel makes emissions targets the outboard engine has been able to meet the European and American CE certification,which contributed to the promotion of green sports.In addition,it will not be like two stroke outboard engine is the same keep without burning oil into the water.

Superior Engine System Outboard Motor 4-strok Inflatable Fishing Boat

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