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Satin Black (MUS1465M227) Folk & World Hand Drums

Folk & World Hand Drums

  • Color: Satin Black
  • Modern Utility snare drums are vital instruments for the informed, current player that doesn't want a flashy name or message, just the tools to make the gig great. Well appointed and priced for the active working player, each Modern Utility snare model is flexible enough to add to any set-up, and strong enough to stand up to constant play.
  • 6-ply/5mm all Maple SST shell
  • CL Bridge Lug
  • Thin Matte Lacquer Finish
  • Smooth SR700 Strainer
  • 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops

Satin Black (MUS1465M227) Satin Black (MUS1465M227)

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