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pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) Today Trends

Today Trends

  • Traditional shepherds' crook style Bb Cornet
  • Ideal first instrument
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Includes two Denis Wick plastic mouthpieces (2B & 4B)
  • Perfect for the beginner band

pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B) pCornet, Blue (PCORNET1B)

Musical Instruments,Trumpet& Saxophone   2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet 2055T Silver 1st Valve Thumb Trigger Musical Instruments,Trombone   3-Valve Bb Tenor Trombone for Trumpet Crossover Players with Designer Hardcase   RCR102 Cornet Outfit   Bb Flat 4 Valve Red Flugel Horn + Free Hard Case + Mouthipice Musical Instruments,Trumpet& Saxophone   TRP-2000LQRC 2000 Series Double Braced B Flat Bb Trumpet - Gold   B Flat BLUE/Silver Trumpet with Case+Mouth Piece+Valve Oil+Metro Tuner   ETB-100 Series Student Trombone Lacquer   BFH-1541RT Professional Flugelhorn, Lacquered Brass with 1-Piece Red Copper Bell

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