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Dolls & Stuffed Toys,Octopuses

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3000 3.0 Kit (Yellow, 1.7 Kit Standard) Octopuses

Dolls & Stuffed Toys,Octopuses Octopuses

  • Submersible Systems (Spare Air) has been in business over 40 years, sold over 300,000 units and made in the USA
  • nearly neutrally buoyant. 3.0 cubic feet of air
  • Faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus
  • Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash
  • Tank finish in Neon Yellow for safety

3000 3.0 Kit (Yellow, 1.7 Kit Standard)

Dolls & Stuffed Toys,Plush Animal Toy   Beanie Baby - PRETZELS the Dog - Black and Tan Schnauzer

What is Women Medicine??

Mujeres Medicina? is a space created to connect with other women who are on their own path of healing and feel accompanied and supported by someone who can support us in the search for our own medicine. A meeting between ancient medicine and modern women. A bridge between your services and those who are looking for them.
Find in this community the closest medicine woman therapist or circle of women to accompany you in your process.


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