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FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE Ukulele


  • Genuine concert FLEA ukulele made in USA by Magic Fluke FREE GIG BAG
  • RED finish on birch soundboard, hard maple neck, quality Grover tuners
  • CONCERT scale, wider fret spacing enables easy play vs. soprano ukes
  • Polycarbonate fingerboard and molded body make it precise, durable, upstanding
  • Purchases help us donate FLEA ukuleles to children's hospital Music Therapy

FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE FLEA Ukulele (RED, Concert) + FREE CASE

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Mujeres Medicina? is a space created to connect with other women who are on their own path of healing and feel accompanied and supported by someone who can support us in the search for our own medicine. A meeting between ancient medicine and modern women. A bridge between your services and those who are looking for them.
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