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7-Cup Food Process Food Processors

other,Food Processors Food Processors

  • The Cuisinart Original 7 Cup Food Processor in Brushed Metal is a classic! Its 7-cup capacity and versatile assortment of blades and discs make food prep tasks a snap.
  • Large enough to chop ingredients from party-sized portions of salsa, yet powerful enough to make a bowl of veggies into delicious slaw in mere seconds.
  • The Extra Large Feed Tube and Pusher and Sleeve Assembly handle whole fruits and vegetables with ease. Slice, chop, shred, puree, knead, and emulsify your way to fantastic cooking with a powerful 600 watt motor with built-in safety features that protect from overheating.
  • Includes a 7-cup work bowl, Stainless Steel Slicing Blade, Stainless Steel shredding blade, Stainless Steel chopping blade, and detachable disc stem. All detachable pieces are dishwasher safe!
  • Simple to use and convenient controls with on, off, and pulse settings all located on a large control switch.

7-Cup Food Process

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