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Aspire Santana Lion 12" Tumba Folk & World Hand Drums

other,Folk & World Hand Drums Folk & World Hand Drums

  • A new exclusive design featuring the amazing artwork from the 1969 self-titled, Santana album. This LP Aspire Tumba is 28" tall, made from Siam Oak and comes with chrome plated hardware. The 12? drum features rawhide heads, EZ Curve rims, LP Heart Shaped side plates and 9/32" diameter tuning lugs. NOTE: NO Stand Included.
  • Exclusive 1969 self-titled, Santana album artwork
  • Rawhide head
  • EZ Curve rims and 9/32" tuning lugs
  • Chrome hardware
  • 12" diamter and 28" tall

Aspire Santana Lion 12" Tumba

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